Running network cable to garage


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Running network cable to garage

I have a small 1200 square foot home. I am going to run network cable into each room, but would also like to run some to my detached garage. The garage has it's own breaker box, and it looks like they ran power to it via underground from the home (maybe?). I would rather not suspend any wires above, so what is my best option?

To get to the garage, I either have to go under a sidewalk slab, or ALL the way down and around the slab, into the back corner of the garage. Can I run conduit under the sidewalk next to my garage without it caving in? Or am I better off cutting the concrete and patching? Or taking the long route?

Also I am not interested in wireless wifi in the garage.
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You can get Cat 5/6 rated for direct burial.

I'd run a conduit as a sleeve under the sidewalk. It's unlikely that it would cause your sidewalk to collapse.

Remember, you have about 100 meters total run.
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The easiest way to get a piece of conduit under the sidewalk is to dig a hole next to the sidewalk. Attach the pipe to a garden hose and let the water drill the hole under the sidewalk as you push on the pipe through.

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