Email Security...???


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Email Security...???

I was always under the impression that email was a pretty safe environment to share private info...But...after seeing an ad about yahoo email account hacks...I am beginning to doubt the safety of email and what you should or should not disclose in a private email...

Obviously...I know the don't put bank accounts, social security and/or any other financial/personal information in a email that is replied or disclosed to someone you don't know personally.

What I would like to know is...

1. How safe is it to exchange private info with someone really close (like a family member)...over an email server such as google...???

For example...Say I have a little brother that is away for college and he wants my social security and bank accounts for application of loans and other financial means and he does not have a cell phone and my only means of contact is email...

So...he emails me via Gmail and I reply back with Gmail my personal info...

Therefore...How safe is private email between 2 people using a public/free email account server such as google, yahoo etc...?

I guess what I am trying to get at is...If when in doubt...

"always use a phone/text message or instant messaging service that is free of servers"

That way you know for sure there is no point in the connection chain to hack private info...correct...???
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The best way to secure your emails is to encrypt them. It takes work. Both you & the recipient need to download something like PGP (Pretty Good Privacy. You both create a key pair (public & private keys). You only give your public key to the other person. They only give their public key to you. Never give anyone your private key. When you send an email, you encrypt it with his public key & he will decrypt it with his private key. When he sends you an email, he will encrypt it with your public key & you will decrypt it with your private key.
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In a nutshell, email is not secure at all.

- When your email is sent between email servers, it's often sent 'in the clear' with no encryption, meaning anyone monitoring the wire can see/read it.

- Most email providers 'read' your emails to cater advertising and such to you. This is usually just computer programs reading your email, and most companies have privacy policies that prevent standard employees from accessing your email... but it's still not private.

- Email is easily spoofed. I can easily send you an email from [email protected] and chances are, you'll think it's from him.

- It's been proven a number of times that the government has access to your emails, likely without a warrant. (passes out the tinfoil hats)

There is a LOT of computer security work going on to better secure and protect email, but it still has a long way to go.

I wouldn't send my credit card number or SSN via email.
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Most "free" email isn't free, certainly not Google's. They openly admit they read EVERY email you send (they call it "scanning"), claiming they do so in order to make the advertisements they display for you more relevant. That's the price you pay for using gmail.

If you don't believe me, do your own Internet search for "Google reads my email." Don't bother searching with Google, naturally, try Bing or Yahoo instead.
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Email is so open my company has a policy prohibiting the emailing of any passwords.
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I don't have any more to say about it until the OP responds. I wonder what happened to him.

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