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Actually I have two questions. When I click on emails that I receive, some of them have this that comes up. It has msimn in left hand corner with a big red X circled. It says this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor. When I click Details it says, MSIMN caused an invalid page fault in module URLMON.DLL, and then has a bunch of numbers and letters. What does this mean and how can I fix it.
Also, when I am looking up different web sites, in the right hand corner of the screen it has "unknown zone" in it. What does that mean? Thanks sparkys
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Are you using IE mail? or outlook express? In either case try downloading the newest version of what ever program you are using for email. Sounds like your using IE mail, some one may have to clarify this, but I dont think that IE mail downloads the mail from your email server, but rather accesses it, whereas outlook express will download it to your HD. A lapse in communication may be why it gives you the error. (mail server does not respond or times out, thus giving you the unknown url error, or the server responds with "thats not located here" (non techie term))

not a clue as to the "unknown zone" part.

p.s. keep forgetting that IE is not the only browser, could also be netscape mail, assumed ie because of the MSIMN.

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yup, I agree with you BSB. Update your email program as this can be a bug which has been fixed.
Unknown zone is, unless I am completely wrong here, a page which has been written in a language (HTML etc) and the writer hasn't stated this in the code.
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The Unknow Zone is a place such as your LAN(Local Area Network) or when you are accessing My Computer by typing C:\ but most of the time it is just a glitch in the old versions of browers just d/l(downlaod) IE6 or Netscape 6 which ever you perfer if it continues relay to this with the site that gives you the error

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