Netscape 4.7 Browser/mail SNAFU


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I've been a devoted user of Netscape for years. I have a major problem right now with the browser and inbox in verson 4.7

The browser will not go to a site, period. The mail feature will not allow me to delete messages.

I have uninstalled the whole Communicator package and reinstalled from the CD I purchased from Netscape last year. It still does not work.

Netscape is somewhat cryptic in trying to e-mail for tech support.

Any suggestions?

P.S. It does work on my networked computer.
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Qestions ...

Do you run a firewall ?
don you run any software that attempts to filter out adds from web pages ?

Do you use a hosts file. ?

What operating system are you using ?

Does internet explorer work ok on the same computer ?

How are you networking ? Are you using a router or hub ?

Is the netscape browser and netscape mail both affected ?

When you tried your uninstall and reinstall , did you reboot the computer after the uninstall before trying to re-install ?
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No fire walls, filters, or ad blockers.

WinME on the server and Win98 on the workstation.

I am using Explorer now.

NIC/hub ethernet. The networked computer has it's own copy installed.

Netscape browser is dead - it just stares at you when you attempt to use it. Mail with work, but not delete.

Of course I did a "clean" install.
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I do have netscape running (but not the same version) as well as internet explorer , I use explorer most times. I have cable internet networked and netscape works fine on the maincomputer, don't have it on the 2nd computer.

I don't know if you have high speed internet or dialup, most browsers have automatic detection for internet and can detect proxy settings by itself. What brought this on , did netscape work at one time, did it work with your current networked configuration before and nothing has changed, and then it just stopped working properly ?

I am not sure if I have the answer for this one. Netscape has a series of browsers out communicator and nagigator. You could try uninstalling your current version then downloading another version directly from netscape. Also some versions of software does not work well with windows ME , I am not certain about netscape.

I know that norton antivirus 2000 will crash windows me at bootup , but norton antivirus 2001 runs fine with windows me.
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Lightbulb dead netscape 4.7

Just read your post. I run Netscape 4.7 also. To make it "go somewhere" try this.
On the browser page open EDIT , then Preferences, Look at right side of page and see what is checked on the top section. There you can tell it to go to HOME page, etc, hit the appropiate radio button of your choice. Then look at the section below it. There you will tell the computer where you want it to go as a homepage, ie;, etc.Your choice here type it in then hit OK at bottom of page.
As for deleting messages it seems that if you are on a network the administrator may have set some sort of definition concerning it. But if that is not the case, are you attempting to delete a message from the trash folder while the message is open? If so Netscape wont let you and gives a mesage that "cannot delet a message.....". I have found it to work but will not delete from the trash folder while the message is open. Close the message and go to the Netscape Messenger/Communicator screen where the messages are listed on the right and the index on the left. If you open the trash folder you will now see all the messages contained therein. Highlight the mesage you want to delete, but do not open it!. Now, hit the delete and the message will be gone.
Hope this helps.
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Well, I do know how to do all that stuff but Netscape was not playing.

I got it all to work somehow. Crossing fingers.
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netscape not working

Hi guy!
Just had another thought here! Sometimes rare these days! LOL!! I have also found that as of lately that the Netscape launcher itself has been down, It seems to iccur more and more often lately. When that happens you will get the screen on your computer and hell will freeze before anything else happens. Maybe that is what you were running into. Last week it happened to be several times. IE was running but not Netscape, later at night it worked. i think sometimes maybe their servers get overwhelmed.
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Your netscape browser should not have to go to netscape to run, if there is a problem with their home page , change the home page. A browser just interupts the html commands and exucutes them accordingly.

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