From flash drive to computer


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From flash drive to computer

I have a USB Flash drive with a boatload of files I want to save to my own computer. What is the best way to move everything I want from this drive over? I can't seem to get a command to pop up to help me do this. I could hightlight each individual file and send those, but there must be a better way?
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Actually, you can highlight all of the in one shot. Highlight the first file & hold the shift key while you use the down arrow to go through the list. The use the left mouse key to drag them to wherever you want them. Have a directory window ready to receive them

If you want to do it from a command prompt, first see what drive letter the computer gives the flash drive. Let's say it's F. Open a command prompt & type F:
Press enter. If all the files are the root directory, type move *.* C:\
If they are in different directories, cd to each directory & repeat the command.
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If all files are sequential (i.e you don't want to skip any) then

Click/release left mouse button on first file

Press and hold "shift" key

Click/release left mouse button on last file (This selects all file in between)

Release "shift" key

Click/release right mouse button

Select copy (to duplicate) or cut (to move files and delete originals)

Move mouse to new location window or folder

Click/release right mouse button

Select Paste


Note: After you select all the files, any file that you don't want to move, if you press and hold the ctrl button and click on the file it will deselect it

If you want to select multiple files one at a time, use ctrl key and left mouse button, clicking on each file


I'm not a fan of the "send to"...I have had it do weird things for me...

And sometimes dragging file will create duplicates of the file in the destination folder. Usually this my operator error, so the steps listed above prevent this (for me)
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I have to ask........why do you want to put more files on your computer when they are readily accessible on the thumb drive? Just plug it in and access the files. Do what you need to them, and save them in their modified form back on the thumb drive.
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It's good to have the files in at least 2 places so a second HD or the PC are good choices. Actually, 3 backups are ideal.
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For files on the thumb drive that are in folders you could try this:
(sample method quite suited for backing up the thumb drive contents on a PC drive)

Open up two Windows Explorers (File Explorers)

In Explorer 1 open the main PC drive (e.g. C you want to put the files on.

Create a new folder, say, THUMB2 in the above drive (here C:\THUMB2).

Scroll down the left side of Explorer 1 until the newest folder shows up.

In Explorer 2 open the thumb drive, say, H:

Mouse over to a thumb drive folder (e.g. H:\mydocs) showing in the right half (file view) of Explorer 2, press the button, and drag that folder over to Explorer 1 dropping it in the new folder (e.g. C:\THUMB2) showing on the left half (folder view) of Explorer 1.

Wait for the files to copy themselves.

Repeat for the next folder in the thumb drive (Explorer 2)

Don't copy the "system" folders in the thumb drive (e.g. H:\-TRASHES-).

For files on the thumb drive but not in folders create the (e.g. C:\THUMB2) on the main PC drive as above but use the multiple file select described in preceding replies to copy the files and then paste them in the new folder.

You can drag folders off of the thumb drive and copy individual files off of the thumb drive to put in different places on the main PC's drive without creating additional folders on the main PC but it will be more difficult to collect only those files to put back on yet another thumb drive.
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Personally, I'd just copy & paste the folder the files are in, to my computer.

Single click the folder, then press ctrl & press the "c" key.
Then locate & open the location on the computer where you want to put the folder with all the files in it & press ctrl & the "v" key.


Just FYI: while holding the ctrl key, it allows you to work in shortcuts.
the "c" key = copy
the "v" = paste

Why is "p" not the paste key? Because ctrl & "p" is the short cut for print. If there is something you want to print, just press the ctrl & "p". Your printer page options etc will pop up.

Hope this helps......
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Flash drive to computer

I used one of the suggestions, using the control key, and THIS time they all were highlighted in light blue and I could right click and get the command to save them to my docs on the computer, which I did. I have been able to use read them, expand them etc like I wanted to. Job Done thanks for the replies!

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