Windows 10 Activated

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Windows 10 Activated

Back in early 2015 Windows 10 installed itself on my Windows 8.1 Asus Laptop and I was given a choice to activate / remove Windows 8.1. I did activate (it was free then) and my Windows 8.1 was gone. Before that I made an image of my SSD with Windows 8.1 just in case.

Eventually I didnít like Windows 10 and using my back up image I removed the 10 and went back nicely where I started from but I also made an ISO of the Windows 10 download.

Now Iím thinking to try again Windows 10 and I wonder if it will recognize my system or not. I understand that Windows 10 is activated by taken a snapshot of my hardware so it knows my system and therefore I canít install it in another machine.

Do you think it will work or I will have to buy now Windows 10?
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In an older machine like yours I would just continue to run Win 8 and avoid 10 for as long as possible. I now have 10 on all my non-Mac computers and I'm still not a fan and it's getting worse. Their major updates keep re-installing bloatware that I have previously removed. Basically Microsoft is becoming very overbearing shoving products down your throat. And the icing on the cake is the opening splash screen. Previously there were hacks and ways to remove the splash screen but with the latest updates I have not found a way to remove it.
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Now Iím thinking to try again Windows 10
Why bother?

I would just continue to run Win 8 and avoid 10 for as long as possible
It sounds like a plan, to me.
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And the controversy rages on and for no good reason.

I can understand you not wanting it the first time around. But I give you kudos for wanting to try it again. Win 10 is good. It's a good OS and is stable and is up to date on almost all machines. Yes it does have problems on a few. But then everything does.

There are those who still want the horse and buggy but complain when the horse goes lame or there are no more stables to keep the horse in or blacksmiths to fix the buggy or shoe the horse. Get my point?

I remember when XP first came out. There were cries of outrage. Same thing when Win 8 came out. Then Win 8.1 which was claimed to be just a cover for Win 8. And now the same cry of outrage with Win 10. True, MS came out with a few dogs, but even VISTA worked for most people.

Sooner or later you will have no choice. And at some point Win 10 will also go the way of the model T, and there will be cries of outrage!

I was a major hold out when G-mail became the near defacto in e-mail. I tried it and hated it and refused to use it. Until my former regular e-mail client got slower and slower and had more and more problems. But I realized G-mail was the current and best thing on the scene. Now I can't see myself without it.

If you want to play in the game you need to keep up with the rules and the equipment so to speak. Use it and you'll like it and wonder why you waited.

But if you hate MS so much there is always the alternative of MAC or LINUX. Good luck with those if you're not a PC guru.

That's my position and I'm sticking with it.
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The OS is ok, it's the constant update interruption that's the bothers me. However, that wasn't the reason for the thread. He wanted to know about the activation if he should try 10 again.
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If you've activated Win-10 on a machine, IIRC, you should be good to go back to it later.

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