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This question doesn't belong on this thread, however...I have recently begun having great difficulty posting new questions in the community forum. Simply put, the 'Ask a New Question' box does not appear in 99% of the threads I open. Every once in awhile, it will show its face (which it did in this thread, which is why I'm taking advantage of it and asking this question here). I've tried everything: changing my browser security setting, re-booting, refreshing, logging out and back on, clicking on the blank area where I know the button normally luck. I checked at work and the button appears each and every time, right where it belongs; come home and I can't find the sucker. I'm wondering if I inadvertently changed some browser setting that may affect my ability to post a reply or new thread. Any ideas?? Thanks! (You can email me if you have any brilliant thoughts: [email protected]) Or, if someone would copy this question and post it in the computers section (which I cannot get into), I would greatly appreciate it.
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Hello: Jonre

I have moved your topic to this computer forum as you requested. The computer pros here can assist you. If you need help from the web site administrator, click the appropriate link to email [email protected]

Note to the forum moderators: This question was posted in one of my forums, due to the problem Jonre is currently experiencing, as discribed within his posting. Kindly offer Jonre any and all help you can.

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I will first give an understanding of what happens when you excess, some of this relevant other parts are not.

When you in an web address (url) and press enter, your browser/computer will look for the exsistence of a HOSTS file (most people don't use one), if one exists it will check to see if the web address you entered is listed here, if it is, it will take the IP address that is listed and then send a command out to the internet to retreive the home page of that site. If no HOSTS file, it will then send a request to a DNS server to find the IP translation, once it has teh IP address it then seeks and retrieves the home page of that site. It you entered a IP address directly without using a address, it will bypass the looking for a hosts file and also not go to a DNS server to find the real IP address.

When your browser receives the homepage , it is not actually the complete page , the browser first get a set of HTML instruction script. The browser will then compute and decipher the instructions and then make a request to the the site server to send things like ... background image, buttons, gifs, jpegs, etc., and one by one the browser will piece this all together and display it according to the orginal html instruction script received.

As most people notice , some pieces of the page arrive before the other pieces of the page, a lot depends on who busy your internet provider is, how busy the site you are excessing is, the internet load in general, and also any problems or resource problems in your own computer will also play a part. Sometimes one part of page never seems to make it.

Why ? several things can cause this in addition to what I previously touched on..

There is little on a personal level that you can do to speed up the internet, however some providers are better than others, the free internet access companies that provide free access but nail you with advertisement banners than be a utter pain as well as slow your computer down,a dn provide for poorer reponse times with the internet.

1. Your hard drive is getting full, I find when the C drive starts dropping bellow 300 to 400 mega , windows can sometimes start to become sluggest.

2. software that attempts to filter out advertisements can be a source for problems.

3. Is this a new problem ? Was there a time that there was no problem with this site ? And if so what has happened between the time it last worked properly and now, - new software installs , software uninstalls, hardware uninstall or installs ? Change of any driver ? What is the free space on te harddrive ? memory ? What browser are you using internet explorer or netscape, and what version are you running ? Is there any problem with any other site ?

4. Are you running a firewall ? Are you running an antivirus program, and if so which one ?

5. As stated above give me your amount of memory, and the cpu ?

tell me what is listed here.

I await your reply.

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Thank you Tom, for helping me post my original question. And THANK YOU, dkerr, for your comprehensive and instructive reply. I had recently installed 'AdsOff', an advertising filtering software. Upon turning it off, the site now works perfectly for me. Many, many thanks. Jon
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I was just going to ask you if you had "Ads Off" installed on your computer. I had the same problem and got rid of it.

If you want to kill the "pop up" ads on your screen while you are surfing, go to and pick up "Pop Up Stopper".
It doesn't bother things like "". If you have an ad that wants to pop up, it stops it and an icon in the tool list at the bottom of the screen flashes. The only way the "pop up ad" can be displayed is if you hold down the "Control" key and allow it to come through.


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