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Help I have a pionex 266MH with only 32 MBs of RAM Ive ben told that I should have at least 64MB and because my PC uses EDO I cant use the p100 &130 that is pretty cheap any ideas or suggestions

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your message was not edited , just clicked the wrong button.

generally speaking ram is downward compatable (if of same type but higher bus speed rating), however I have experienced myself that in same cases it is not.

Is your EDO memory 72 pin simms, or dimm. simms are hard to come by these days and when you do find it m because it is rare it tends to be expensive. If you had the name /model of your motherboard , I could likely find the exact specs on your motherboard and know for sure what it can use or not use. Often at boot up the motherboard model is displaced briefly during the boot sequence.

I found that ungrading the simm memory on one motehrboard was more expensive than replacing the motherboard and buying sdram (dimm).

If you get the motehrboard name /model I will try and get the specs for you.
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Please rely on the previous post but it may be to simplistic. In my most humble opinion, you still attempt to deal with several generations back in computer technology. Either take your computer to a professional for fixing or get a new one (for about the same or less than you woould pay to have yours' fixed and end up paying much more in the longer run.
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email message received...
This is the message:

Hi thanks for answering according to my users manuakl I have a M5CNB system board is this what you need? Thanks again Jim



manual for for motherboard which includes memory specs.
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Hey...... I have two 16 MB EDO SIMM not in use. Wanna break your bank? LOL

You might try finding a Tyan Trinity 100AT motherboard. If your CPU does not require 100 mhz front side bus then you can run SIMM and DIMM concurrently. The motherboard is gonna run you about $80.

It should run your 266 so long as it is a Socket 7 CPU. You can run any Socket 7 CPU up to 450 or 500(?) on the same board, but then you can't use the SIMM, only DIMM.

I have one of these boards.
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Try this page, http://www.netseller.com

advertised this week: 64 meg EDO $47.75

Good Luck

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