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I have a TYAN Trinity 400 S1854 verson C
I'm using an oem Pent III 800EB Slot 1 chip
I have two 128MB PC133 RAM (Corsair)
I have a Maxtor 92720U8 30GB hard drive as Primary Master installed.
I have a Yamaha CRW2100E CD-ROM as Primary Slave installed.
I have a Creavtive DVD 5240E-1 not installed at this time.
I have a Diamond Viper V550 16MB AGP Video Card installed.

This is my problem

No matter what I connect to the secondary IDE the motherboard will not recognize it properly. For example when I connect the Yamaha CRW2100E to the primary IDE it is recognized as:
but if I connect it to the secondary IDE it is recognized as:
[email protected] CRW2100E

I have switched all three drives and similar occurs. I have tried both secondary and slave and cable select.

I have 'flashed' the BIOS using v1.00 v 1.06 and v1.07 but that did not help.

Is there a problem with the secondary IDE, BIOS, motherboard, or is there a setup problem from my end?

When I orginally bought this motherboard I had to send it back to TYAN and they 'fixed' it. The initial problem was I lost power to the board. I believe they replaced the BIOS but am not sure. I did not recognize the secondary IDE problem initially due to the fact I had two IDE devices and a SCSI CDRW, SCSI HD, and SCSI scanner. Receintly my SCSI CDRW needed to be replaced and I bought an IDE, thus the find of the secondary IDE probelm.

I have emailed Tyan with no response yet... they were emailed late March.

Any assistance would be appreciated,

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I had a similar problem with a Tyan board. It sounds like your Seconndary IDE controller is our of whack. Unfortunately it was my Primary that went out.

Tyan Motherboards do have a 3-year warranty.
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email the tech support people at your motherboard manufacturer at the link above, they may be the best people to provide specific help in this case.
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Thanks for the quick response


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