extending range of ir remote


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extending range of ir remote

I want to thank your guys for your help on my last problem with the wifi. I do have another question. I have a dish network receiver in the living room that is controlled by a remote, which in turn controls the tv. I have another tv in the bedroom. I ran a wire to it so that I can watch it. the problem is the remote won't work unless it''s in front of the reciever, so I can't change the channel while in the bedroom. I have been looking at ir remote extenders and there are so many different ones out there, I was wondering if there is one you think would work best for this situation. thanks
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IR is line of sight. You want RF signal that does not use line of sight.
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I have had good luck with the Blast IR Repeater.

I have a similar but different situation. I split off the video from our bedroom receiver to feed a couple rooms on the floor below. It worked great with our old DirecTV DVR and RF remote. Then the old DVR died and they sent us a new one. Even though it has RF capability it's range is much less than the old model so the RF remote was useless. I ended up reverting to IR and using an IR repeater. The repeater uses radio to talk between the two modules and has much better range than our DVR and it's remote.
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There are many options to extend IR signals now. Keep in mind that there are two IR frequency streams used.

One system I just installed carries the IR on coax. There is a coax insert module at each end with an eye. Works good.

I have Fios and my boxes have the 1/8" stereo jack for remote eye. One of my boxes has the local TV and two TV's slaved to it. I've taken and used two basic 3 wire IR eyes and connected them via wire to the Fios box. The Fios box is now controlled at three locations for about $10 in parts.
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I was looking at the repeater you recommended but didn't know if it was the right thing. I will give it a try. thanks

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Well, you might check on the Disk network apps for smart phones, if the Disk is part of your home network, you may be able
to use a smartphone app (oever wifi) as a remote control.
Depends on the type of phone though, Apple/Android, and whether newer version of the phone.

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