Laptop CD-DVD drive not recognized in Win 10 64 bit.


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Question Laptop CD-DVD drive not recognized in Win 10 64 bit.

Gentlemen, I need help.

I have two CD-DVD drives. One is built into the computer, the otheros a USB connected. Without warning something disconnected them.
This is the error code:
Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

They show-up in device manager as unknown. I have exhausted all possible ideas including the following from MS web site:
Method 1: Use the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter

Method 2: Check BIOS settings and chipset drivers

Method 3: Update or reinstall the driver

Method 4: Remove and reinstall IDE/ATAPI drivers (note: When I expand IDE/ATAPI Controllers, I do not have the ATA Channel 0, ATA Channel 1, Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller selection.

Method 5: Fix corrupted registry entries (note: on this method I did not have upper or lower filters. So, as instructed I deleted the entry as instructed)

Method 6: Create a registry subkey

None of these fixes, fix it!
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Norm, this article may cover some/all of the things you've tried, but it's worth a look.
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Thanks Bob, but as my post says I tried every one of these fixes.
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Sorry for not following through to see what all those steps entail, but did any of them include uninstalling the device(s) in Device Manager and rebooting?

WinKey+R> devmgmt.msc

This doesn't do anything destructive, it just deletes the old configuration bits and driver associations and such. When Windows awakens after the reboot and finds an unemployed device hanging around, it automagically will (re-)install it and put it to work. Provided it still can find the drivers. Ordinarily (in the post-XP world) it won't even alert the user to what it's doing. The majority of all optical devices run on Windows' native drivers but if yours used proprietary drivers (if it did, you'd probably have noticed during the install), you might want to dig up replacements/updates and have them on stand-by. I've never yet seen Windows not be able to find the old drivers, but then again I've never yet seen the error message you're getting.

And RE: that error message, I wouldn't take to much stock in it. They don't bother teaching Windows how to interpret every error message that could occur (that's what keeps all their SysAdmins employed) and sometimes it's just taking its best guess. When it's a more 'exotic' error message, like this one, I always have to remind myself not to overlook the basic troubleshooting steps.
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Windows 10 does not play nicely with cd/dvd drives on laptops.
I've tried this many times on a netbook, which doesn't work, while plugging the same usb drive into a desktop does.

Best solution I've found is to make ISO's of the important DVDs, save them to a network drive,
then copy them to the laptop and mount them in Win-10 as ISOs.

It's just not worth your time trying to get Win10 to recognize a laptop cd/dvd drive.
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Problem is, it did recognize it until last week.
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Norm –

I hope things are working for you by now.

The fact that the internal DVD/CD drive and the external USB DVD/CD drive both stopped working would seem to point to something common to both – which I think would be the cdrom driver. In troubleshooting they have you uninstall and reinstall the cdrom driver which should have corrected your problem if in fact it was a cdrom driver problem.

The atapi driver should not have anything to do with whether or not the USB DVD/CD drive would work – but would affect the internal DVD/CDROM accessibility. The atapi driver would be used for the internal DVD/CDROM drive. However, if you did in fact add the atapi controller0 key in the registry as they suggest, then it does not seem right that you still don’t see anything listed in for the atapi controllers in Device Manager. You should see controller0 in Device Manager.

I have W7 not W10 but when I look at the registry subkey:


I see “default = DVD/CD-ROM drives” and “Class = CDROM” etc.

when I expand folder “0000” under that subkey I see driver information: DriverVersion, InfPath etc.
You should see something like that.

It might just be as Fred suggests, there really is another problem here, not something that a simple registry editing or driver uninstall-install procedure will fix – but that’s all they know how to try at this time.

Maybe you need to do a system restore from a restore image if you have one. This problem may have been caused by one of their automatic updates and that’s why it happened all of a sudden (when I worked as a SW guy for over 30 yrs I can’t tell you how many times I heard “ but my change wouldn’t have anything to do with that” – Oh yea? Then when you find the problem you proceed to show them the connection in the software.– LOL).

I wonder if you could back up a system image right now, then drop back to some previous image and see if the problem disappears. If it did, and you were OK with running with the older image, then you’re done. If not you could come forward to the image you saved.

But on the other hand, I really don’t understand the W10 updating philosophy. If MS forces all updates all the time, then it seems like dropping back to a prior image is almost meaningless.

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