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Yahoo mail

I am having the strangest issue with Yahoo mail.

I have 5 yahoo accounts. I just created a 5th today because I was trouble shooting/replacing the bad account with the issue.
So, my usual 4 accounts have worked correctly without issue for several years. The last one I created has been up for about 3 years with no issues. Out of the blue, this last account has developed issues with mail. The others work fine... no issues.
I can receive email, I can open & read the email, but it always shows as new mail. I cant reply to it, I cant send a new mail & I cant access my settings.
I can create a new mail, but I cant send it. In other words, I can click send button, but nothing ever happens. The curser dont spin... nothing. Its like its a dead link. I tried to go into settings to ensure that all the mail settings are correct & when I click that icon, it does nothing. Its also like a dead link. I have Googled the issue & nothing helps. The most logical issue on the face is that the yahoo mail settings are off, which controls sending mail... but, again I cant access my settings.
I wanted to delete the account & recreate it if possible. But again, I have to access settings to get to that option.

So, at this point its where I just decided to create my 5th account to replace the one which does not work. I created a new account &.... yep, you know it.... the new account has the same issues. The same exact issues.

Now mind you, I have three (3) other accounts that work just fine. No issues what so ever.

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I got prompted today for a new format but I said no to it. Could that be the issue - you got moved to it and something is not right with it? I would assume the UI would have a bit of a different look but can't say for sure since I waived off.
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With the better options that are available no one should be using yahoo, for anything. You are aware of the large account compromise that happened in 2013? Just one of the many, every single account was compromised, 3 billion+ accounts.
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Yeah, I've been getting that notice for a couple of months or more wanting me to switch to the newer format & I juts click not now. I figure it aint gonna be long before I wont have a choice. But, I get that notice on all 4 accounts & I always make the same choice not to. I wouldnt think that would affect just one account but again, I dont have a clue what the problem is so, its as good of a idea as anything.

Can you tell me a site on the internet that hasnt been hacked? Although we as members may not realize it, I'm positive this site right here has been compromised at some point. Maybe we better move on to another DIY site. Now of course I'm being funny, but there is no where out here that is safe or hasnt been hacked & compromised at some point. I could go to all the trouble of moving all my accounts somewhere else & it'd be the same. Nowhere on the internet is safe nor secure.

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