Dell 200MMX replacement keyboard? Unique?


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I have the above desktop computer, which is 3 years old and the keyboard has taken a dump.

A coworker gave me a keyboard he had, which was a universal Windows replacement.

It is identical, except that the pin that plugs into the back of the CPU is different on the original Dell than this one is.

I tried to take it apart to see if I could swap the wires from the two units, as there is an intermittent failure with the period and letter K key on the original.

Can anyone shed any light? How do you get these things apart? Are there hidden screws? Can I buy an adapter to convert this keyboard to work with the Dell??

Thanks for any replies.
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Yes, you can buy an adapter to hook up this keyboard to your Dell. Keyboards are so inexpensive these days it is impractical to attempt to repair them. I have dis-assembled several just to see whats inside. Even repaired one that had soda spilled on it but now "been there, done that". Purchase the adapter or a new keyboard.

Good Luck
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Thanks and got it!

Went to Radio Shack with both keyboards. The guy gave me an AT/PS2 adapter fitting and that did the trick. A little tight, since it's an angled piece, but both the mouse and the keyboard are now working fine!

Thanks again

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