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Hello folks!
Just thought I would float a question here. I have a Dell P2 266xps running windows 95b. At present i have a Canon BJC 6000, which suffices for me, running on this. However, the other half wishes to also have a HP 4L also running as a choice. I have a A/B switch and cables that are IEEE128 compliant to hook this up with. Anybody see any problems with installing this new printer with the A/B switch. The drivers are listed in the 95 directory.
Just trying to get input so I dont bring down the whole house of cards here!!
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I tried a similar experiment with an HP LaserJet 4ML and an HP DeskJet 870CSE. Problem is the printers cannot establish two-way communication thru an A/B switch. At least they couldn't with the switches available about a year ago.

My solution was to add another parallel port for the second printer. It works fine, plus no switches to switch.
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Not all connections on every a/b switch actually switches all wire/pin connections. This causes some problems depending on what is connected to them. What you need a an A/B switch that actually switches completely all pins/connections on the cable. Discuss the matter with some of the better computer supply stores and they may have a switch that will do the job, but these switches may be more expensive than what you got now.

Another option is to get a second LPT port , your computer likely has only 1 LPT port to connect a printer, you could add a port but getting an appropriate expansion card and pluging into a available slot in the motherboard.

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