ADSL Modem will not get Sync


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Hi. I have a 3Com ADSL modem, and it will not connect to the phone line. I did have service, it worked for approximately 4 months, then one day it stopped working. I called my service provider, and we went through several steps of troubleshooting to finally isolate the problem. They said that they performed a line test, and it showed a short in my line. This short is not bad enough to affect my normal phone service, but prevents the ADSL modem from obtaining synch. They told me I could try to find the short and repair it myself, but could not give me any more information than that.

My question is, how do I go about isolating a short in my line? Can I use a multimeter to isolate it, or am I going to have to give up and pay the outrageous fees for a service visit? I am stuck, and I need any tips on how to go about troubleshooting this problem.

I have eliminated any other analog phones/devices as the source of the problem by unplugging them all and trying the modem. Nothing seems to work!!!

Please help!
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Gary Tait
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You connect the modem right to the demarc box, and disconnect all your inside wiring. If it still does not
work, it is the phone company's problem. If it works
your problem is inside, and you will need to attach each inside pair until it fails, and the disconnect segements of that run until it works again, an replace the failed scetion of wiring.
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I agree with gary , but make sure that noone happened to have installed a DSL line filter in the line that feeds your dsl modem.

Do not move your computer to fo the test that Gary mentioned, just the modem and use only the patch cord that was supplied with the DSL modem, no other extension cords. Try different locations with in the house. and try at the point where the telephone line enters the house, if it still doesn't work, then try the test again with having the interior telephone line disconnected and the only jack is at the entrance with the DSL modem attached.

Having a fault as the provider mentioned , did they test all the way to the line entrance to your house, if they didn't , it really does not in itself prove anything , we really want to know if it is clean at the entrance to the house. Also was there a storm just prior to you loosing your DSL connection.

Also remember it can take a few minutes to check for line sync , so each test has to last at least 5 minutes.

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