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DSL internet connection

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05-13-01, 08:02 AM   #1  
I have Pacbell DSL.My son is buying another computer for his room.My question is,can we both share the same dsl connection and if so how?

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05-13-01, 08:53 AM   #2  
Gary Tait
You need either a hub and a second IP address (from
your provider), or a Broadband router/proxy server,
such as the one from Linksys.

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05-13-01, 07:11 PM   #3  


This will give you a start for reading, and study.

You may not need a hub or a router if only 2 computers, however under such an arrangement , one computer must always be on in order for the second computer to have the internet connection, 2 network cards in the main computer and 1 network card in the second.

DSL uses a software adapter, which makes it trickier to network than cable internet. Cable is extremely easy to home network, where DSL because of a software adapter is a bit harder but not impossible.

You can use a DSL router which will allow you to feed both computer without 1 being depended on the other being on. a 2nd IP address , that means money each month. I think what you want is get the internet to both computers with the min. of expense.

A friend of mind just did a DSL network setup but I won't get a change to talk about the details of it before next week sometime, I will find that out when I see him.

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05-14-01, 08:00 AM   #4  
Gary Tait
Depending on your DSL, it may be an Ethernet DSL modem,
where you use a common NIC in your machine, in which
the hardware router can be used.

If it is a PCI card DSL modem, you might be able to
set up a Linux box to be your router/gateway machine.

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05-14-01, 10:32 AM   #5  
Your DSL modem probably supports NAT ( Network Address Translation ) and it will automatically assign other computers IP addresses that are hooked up to it. All you will need probably is a cheap non-intelligent hub ( such as linksys ) and some CAT5 cable.

Run the ethernet out to your hub, and then your computers off of the ports on the hub. Be sure the computers have ethernet cards in them, and that the tcp/ip properties for your card is set to use DHCP and to automatically assign IP addresses. That should do it. Contacting your service provider for details will probably be best however.


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05-14-01, 07:27 PM   #6  
Linksys has a new dsl router out, $129 ($99 with rebate) is a 4 port unit, that will impersonate your MAC if you had to supply one with the isp to get set up, it also has DHCP built into it all you do is give the router your MAC (again if its needed) plug in your PC's (set em up to get ip auto) and turn it on. It also has NAT and is a firewall to boot.

Circuit city has the rebate this week.


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