TV/Chromecast as a home information display


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TV/Chromecast as a home information display

I'd like to use a chromecast device on a TV as a sort of information board.
It could display an hourly weather forecast, with a state doppler radar image, so I could get an idea if it's bike riding weather for my work commute.
Top news headlines.
Reminders / To-Do lists / Shopping lists, updated from my phone.

My best solution so far would be to build a custom webpage, and keep it open on the computer the chromecast device is connected to.
Wouldn't want to try to re-invent the wheel though, so is there anything out there like this?
Any ideas on getting reminders, or to-do lists created on your phone, to show on a custom webpage?

If ya had something like this, would there be anything else ya think would be handy to display?
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Google Chromecast is a media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port.
I'm guessing that is not a smart TV with it's own built-in streaming ?
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I do something close to what you're thinking, but using android phone displayed on TV.

Andoid phones newer that 4.3 have a "daydream" mode, which is basically a screensaver.
You can have it display time, news, weather
I use a MHL adapter to output phone's video and audio to HDMI for display on tv.
Newer phones should send video and audio over wifi as Chromecast / Miracast, or screen mirroring.

Windows 10 does have a weather app that can be set as screensaver.
You should be able to relay that as multiple screens via chromecast,
but screensavers may only display on the main screen, other screens go to sleep mode
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My best solution so far would be to build a custom webpage...
Are you set up to do that?
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Another suggestion is to look into web-based digital signage options. I explored this a while back for work, but something like this service (free) might give you exactly what you're looking for: FREE Digital Signage for everyone

There are others out there at varying price-points, but free tends to win out

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