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OK gang let's hear your input on this... I need full time access to the internet via a wireless modem or preferably satellite. 1.2 Mbps minimum. I can now do about 24,000 Kbs on connect on a Motorola Star Tac and the laptop/modem etc. I need high speed access and on demand and... Mobile, that's right, while I am moving. Any ideas?

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Best of luck with that. Only problem with the sat link is that you have to stop, point and level your dish each time you want to use the connection. Far as the wireless connections go, I doubt the military is going to release their technology anytime soon. Maybe in a year or two you will see that kind of speed from a cell tower. Richo (can spell it right now) is about the best out there as far as speeds, but even they are limited to 64k, not to mention that you dont have (not yet anyhow)cell towers dotting the country side (talking extreme large numbers of towers) If you dont mind setting up a dish everytime Dish network has a up and down system on the market now, but will run you $69 per month, and I am not sure if you can use that mobil, prob not.

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Satellite internet is fast but only a one way system, down only, uplink is via phone. Positioning a dish everywhere you stop could be a real pain, and expensive.

Now there are cell phones systems that are satelitte based, does anyone know if these systems have a faster internet interface ? These cell phones transmit/receive directly via satelitte. Again, likely expensive , but also less likely would have any dead zones like can happen with regular cells.

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Dish Network has uplink and downlink. So do several others but it requires a dish. I was looking for a true mobile use system, like QualCom has for in cab messages for drivers.So far no luck, thanks anyway...

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