HD partitions and Drive Letters?


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Ok, heres the latest on my ongoing quest to go crazy.

Have 2 HD's, 5 partitions (yeah, yeah, its a lot, but there is a design to my madness) leave one drive disconnected and my 20gb (3part) drive is cool. drives c,d,&e, but toss in my 6gb storage disk and it takes drive d (bummer) and drive fno biggie).

BUT I have win2kpro installed on the C: drive and 98 on the D: drive. WHy? not sure, maybe to keep the sys files from getting mixed up? heard it was a good idea. may change this though.

Can I lock the drives down? meaning the first HD gets the first letters, and the 2nd HD gets the next set of drive letters? Or do I convert the 2nd drive to removable media? This should fix it, because when I enable the IDE controler on my orb drive it wants drive D: (if 2nd HD is disabled) but if I leave the IDE disabled still can use the orb drive, but is considered removable media and takes a drive letter after the CD-rom.

If you have trouble understanding this, just smack me upside the head and try again.

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No can do. Maybe NT, but I can't remember for certain. It's the way the operating system works. The primary partitions of each physical hard drive gets the first letters, everything else gets pushed, including CD-ROMs etc.
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With W2k you can pick any letter you want for any drive except A and C. Go to control panel and bring up administrative tools. Then bring up the Management Consol and somewhere in there is drive management. (Its always a game of hide and seek.)From here you can do all kinds of things to your drives.

Windows 98 picks it own drive letters based on which drive comes up first. The search orders should be on-board IDE master and slave first then PCI cards such as SCSI or IDE. The only control you'll have is by rearranging the the physical connections of the drives.

Hope this helps.


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