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I have someone that wants to sell a used computer to me. All I need it for is to have access to the internet, small home/business office finance, and to hook up my digital camera. She has a Compaq Presario 4770 computer, w/pentium processor 200 mhz, 32 meg total memory/cd-rom/3.5 in. disk, 33600 modem/color monitor/keyboard/mouse, and installed windows 95, norton antivirus, these are in good working condition. Does anyone know what would be a good price to pay?
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well lets break it down.
CPU $17-$24.
Case and PS $29
Keyboard $11
mouse $5
Ram 32mg $109 (for what in it) $25 for what the same mg would cost you for non compaq.
moniter (used) 14" $65, 15" $79, 17" $119
CD-rom $25
Hard Drive (asuming its under 1gb) $35
33.6 modem $19
3.5 floppy drive $9
Win95 $89 new, about $21 now.
Norton 2000 $8 (this one surprised me)

Total- $374 with $109 for mem.
$265 wth out. (new prices cept for the moniter)

I would guess $230, you can get most p200's complete sytems for $129-$189, and add moniter.

oops forgot MB in the figures, $30 to add to the new price lists, does not change the used price though.

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Check out pricewatch dot com 700mhz + mother board = $108
20 gig hard drive = $67
128 mb ram = $19
Case & power supply = $20
Go to cyberrebates dot com and you can usually get a modem for free after rebates, same with sound card. Check staples for monitor prices after rebates and coupons they usually have a great deal. As you can see computers are relatively cheap, it's the software that you are gonna get killed on.
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3.5 floppy

Do I understand you to say that a 3.5 drive is only $19 new? Paid about $100 for a replacement (3.5 Superdisk) here.
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For your digital camera, you may need USB, and an O/S
that supports it. the OSR2 version of Win95 support
it, older versions will not.

The $19 3.5 floppy drives are 1.44 only.
A Superdisk floppy drive accepts 1.44 floppies, plus 120MB
disks. Personally, I'd use CDR/RW for backup and data
portability, instead of a Zip or Superdisk.
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