Extending CyberPower UPS control panel


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Exclamation Extending CyberPower UPS control panel

I have a CyberPower PR750LCD with a detachable control panel (The panel connects to the UPS with a RJ-45 connector the same as an Ethernet cable) however the end on the panel is non-standard.

My question is can I extend the cable safely using a RJ-45 coupler and a standard Ethernet cable?

I tried it once and it works fine but I want to know if I can do it long term as I want to mount the panel in a place where I can actually see it, and to do that I need a longer cord.

I believe the Ethernet cable I want to use is 24AWG which matches the gauge of the wire on the control panel.

I only need about 3' more feet of cable I have a 4' patch cord that I used for the test

I want to use that but I am asking the forum for guidance to make sure my plan is safe

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If you've already tried adding an additional cable to it using an RJ45 coupler, then it should work. I would try extending it the amount you need and try running through the controls on the remote panel. If they all seem to work, you should be good to go.
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IMHO Bob's advice is right.
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I'd agree. All standard ethernet cables are straight-through, so even if the control panel is using a weird wiring pinout, pin 1 is connected to pin 1, 2 to 2, etc.

You might have voltage drop if you're extending it 20+ feet... but for a few feet, no problemo!
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OK Thank-you all for the reply's I am now all set with this.

The control panel still works fine

All indicators and functions still work as intended, and the LCD backlight still is as bright as it should be.

Also I took actual pictures of the back and front, and where it connects. Because all I can find on the web stock pictures and none of the actual control panel
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