Internet Explorer freezing right from start


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Sudden weird problem - today Internet Explorer will freeze immediately on startup. I have not installed any new programs or downloads. Yesterday it was working fine. I started IE offline and deleted all the temporary files, but it's still doing the same freeze. Anyone have a solution?

(Netscape is working fine)
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Good Afternoon, Niranjan:

The first place to look is in the Control Panel.

1) From the desktop, Click START, Click Settings, Click Control Panel.

2) When Control Panel comes up, click Internet Options.

3) When Internet Options opens up, look at the top and see what the "Starting Page" is for Internet Explorer. I, personally, use

What happens is you may have ran across a rogue site on the net that changed this setting on you. It may have been a minor virus, also. It may have set the Starting Page to some porn site that your internet provider has locked out for any number of reasons. This would explain the stall when opening Internet Explorer.

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Thanks for the reply Smokey!

I also use as my starting page, and the weird thing is that it WAS trying to load Yahoo! It would start loading, and at some point freeze up. Maybe there was some underlying thing, but the location bar and screen showed!

Today, I cleared out the disk and memory cache within Netscape (I use both browsers), and IE is working fine. I don't know if this was the problem, but at least it's working again!
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Exclamation Netscape causing IE crash

Remove Netscape and all will be well.
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Interesting thought Ken Od, but I've been using IE and Netscape side by side for years now with no problem between them. And I've heard of others do the same - any reason why it would be causing problems now?

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