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I have a year old gateway computer. Just bought an external usb Adaptec cd-burner. The computer will not recognize the cd-burner drive. I called customer support at Adaptec and they told me they have had this problem with gateway computers. Says it's settings of some sort gateway has put in the system!? He was going to do some research on it and get back to me. It's been two weeks and haven't heard from them. Anyone have any ideas as to where and what these settings could be. Would like to not have to call gateway, it's hard to get through to customer support.
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I hoping that someone else here may have a better anwser here. I have had motherboards that certain usb devices would not be reconized , and on the newer motherboards it would be reconized. It could be as the adaptec support told you.

If you are still within the return period for the usb burner, you could return the unit and get an IDE internal burner. You computer can have up to 4 IDE devices, on it, and most likely you have 2 currently being used, if a 1 hard drive, 1 cd reader system.

You could call gateway technical support and see what they have to say about it, they may have a bios update that you take care of this.

The other thing to check us to make certain that the usb port is enabled in the bios/cmis setup.
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Are you using the latest chipset drivers for your MB? And which OS are you using? USB works fine for other devices? or is the burner the first one you have tried? what about the bois ver for your MB is it the latest?

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