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Hello Folks!
I have a Dell P2 266 running Windows 95b. At present I have a USR Fax/voice winmodem x2 ( factory ISA installed) that I have managed to upgrade to V.90 standards. However, I enjoy several online flying sim repasts that I am told should be played with a modem that is game compatible. This is as they have their own chips and do not rely on the main computer resources and are therefore faster and more suited to this.
My question is, does anyone forsee any conflict problems with two modems installed ? The one I would install would be on PCI, as I am thinking of keeping the original one, as is, for messages. Also, would the computer pick the modem or would I have to configure it to do so when I go online. Any input appreciated.
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I haven't tried running 2 modems on the same computer, but it should work. Fro what you want ,only 1 modem at a time will be used. It eill be easilier if you make need 2 dialup connections, made, each set up with a different modem. Use a Y connector to join them to the telephone line. The unused modem should not get latched therefore should not connect to the line untill it is actually used.

Since you appear to already have both modems , you have nothing to lose but some time by trying it, just make sure that you have the drivers for both modems on disk , just in case one modem install takes out the drivers of the other modem.

Another thing to try is try your online games with each modem, to see if there is really a difference, if you don't see a difference then just use the v 90 modem.

Yes some cards have on card resources which tend to be more expensive and other cards are cheaper but use up some resources from the main memory/motherboard. Depending on how much memory you have , it may or may not be a problem.

If anyone else has tried a 2 modem setup , your comments will be welcomed.
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Using two modems for dialup is possible using the VPN/Networking settings/using other devices. This is not overly complicated to do but to explain it to you will be tedious so what I did and suggest is to go to the help files on networking in Windoze ME (I hope you have ME!) and follow those directions. Once the dual dialup is running you will be pleased. Because when you connect with two modems u are doubling your connect rate i.e.: 1st modem connects at 14,4. Second modem connects at 14,4. Your initial connection is therefore 28,8. Now we all know that initial connection is just a start, your connect speed will vary but by personal experience your surf speed etc will be greatly increased. Now the problem is, some ISP's frown upon double connecting. So you may have to get a second dialup account. As far as modems setup for gaming etc in my opinion is rubbish. Use a good quality (US Robotics) UART compatible with the v.90 chipset and you will do all you can do. You may think about a cable or satellite modem. Dish Network now offers up/down link for about $99 a month I think but it's supposed to rock!
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Bigmike beat me, just found the same info at the win98 mega site.

As far as the dishnetwork isp info.
"StarBandSM is the first consumer, two-way satellite Internet service to deliver your always-on, high-speed Internet connection virtually everywhere in the continental United States. DISH Network is pleased to offer StarBand Internet service through over 2,000 select DISH Network retailers nationwide. StarBand is available in conjunction with DISH Network satellite television programming from a single dish antenna. DISH Network is offering a special price of $99.99 per month for customers who subscribe to both StarBand and America’s Top 150 programming package through these select DISH Network retailers. "

If I am reading that correctly, its $99 for both top 150 and isp, that would make it $60 for the internet connection. not bad, $20 more then dsl or cable and has much greater flexibility for those of us poor saps who are outside of the dsl/cable area.

Go to to see more info, as of now the up/down speeds are 500Kbs off peakhours down, 150+/-Kbs peak hours (weeknights) down, and 40 to 60Kbs upload.

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