Devices off or power off?


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Devices off or power off?

Computer, monitor, telephone, answering machine, iPhone charging, etc. etc. I donít need to tell you that our homes are full of electronic devices. One of my projects this weekend is to straighten out the multitude of cables along the back of my desk, and as I was looking at this last night I wondered if some of them could be or should be powered off completely, as in the incoming power switched off. Some of the devices are no-brainers, like the desk phone, which has date, time, etc. on the display wants power 24/7, and the same for the answering machine. On the other hand, there are devices like the computer, monitor, satellite receiver, etc. that could be switched off at the surge protector when not in use for an extended period of time. And for example, I have noticed that the transformer for the satellite internet and for the speaker system in the monitor stay warm even when the devices are not in use, and there is a little light inside the CPU that stays on even when the unit is switched off. Now I understand that the wattage being used is extremely minimal, but my question is should I look at arranging the power cords such that some of these devices could be switched off completely at the surge protector, or does anyone know or have strong feelings about switching these devices off completely causing extra where on them? Thank you.
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At my office I have each computer and everything nearby run to a surge suppressor power strip. During the week everything is left on and the computer just in sleep mode. But on Friday before going home everything is turned off at the power strip. The power strip makes it easy since you can kill the power to multiple items with one switch. This saves a bit of power and insures that all the computers get a hard shutdown and restart at least once a week.

Satellite internet consumes a decent amount of power even in standby as it's actually transmitting up to the satellite. You can turn it off when you want but as you know the boot-up and establishing a connection to the satellite can take a while. If you've ever had to call for tech support you know the first thing they always have you do is unplug the modem for a minute and plug it back in. So, killing it once in a while isn't a bad idea as it saves power and can clear up gremlins.
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I turn off power to the computer and peripherals at night. But in the morning it gets turned on and stays on all day. The server stays on 24/7/360 as does the cameras, router and back up drives (all located in the basement, 2 floors below my main computer) and of course the battery backup. Does it make a difference if the desktop is turned on or off? Probably not, but it does kind of go against my grain to leave it on all night.

As far as straighten up those wires and cables behind the desk/ That's a never ending battle.
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All of the things you're thinking of and were mentioned by others will save electricity and thus dollars. The hard question is whether it will be enough to justify the effort. Straightening out the cables and putting those things you want to turn off onto the same power strip probably would be worth the effort.
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Thanks guys. Although I'm not losing any sleep over it, you each hit on the two biggest things that were rolling around in my noggin. Pilot Dane, I have been thinking that the satellite box was doing it's thing, chatting back and forth with the satellite whether I was online or not, but also assumed it might get frustrating to wait for it to regain connectivity. And Norm, I'm like you as far as not wanting to leave things on at night; when we leave a room the lights are turned off, etc. As far as tidying things up, yes, it's a never ending battle with all of the various length cords or cable and at various angles. Mine actually isn't all that bad, mainly just need to recoil a few long cords that I uncoiled to connect this or that, but was thinking while I was at it that it might be time to go a step farther. I have a couple of surge protectors in the mix already anyway so think I'll go ahead and switch some of the power cords around a bit, try shutting the power off to some of them at night, and see how it works out. Worth a shot, and I can always go back to leaving them both turned on if it becomes a pain.

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