DVI-I to SVGA monitor adaptor


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DVI-I to SVGA monitor adaptor

My son was given a Dell Precision 470 workstation and was going to try to get it turned on to see what he has but the graphics card has what appears to be DVI-I connections.

Our current monitor has the SVGA connector.

I see that they have adapters, just wanting to see if anybody knows that this adaptor is all we need?


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1) Yes, those adapters will work.

2) you can probably get a DVI capable monitor from a thrift shop for $10, which is close to the cost of the DVI to VGA adapter.

3) you can probably get a DVI to DVI + VGA cable for around the same price as a DVI to VGA adapter.
Cable is better because it lets you run a dual monitor system.

These cables split a DVI-I into DVI-digital (aka "DVI") and DVI-analog (VGA)

So, IIWY I'd purchase a splitter cable(s) instead of an adapter.

4) That DVI "dual link" card (digital + analog) will drive a quad HD monitor setup (2 DVI and 2 VGA)
so I'd start accumulating cables and 1080 monitors...

PS, the round connector is NOT S-Video, it's for N-Videa 3d glasses

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