Hacking Google Home Hub Wiring...


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Hacking Google Home Hub Wiring...

I wasn't sure if this would fit better in this forum, or the electrical, but I'll start here... My house came wired with a really out-dated security/intercom system that no one seems to service or use (On-Q). In the bedroom, there was a small control panel for turning on alarms or something. I want to use that spot for a Google Home Hub instead. The location of the control panel is wired with low-voltage cable, so I can't just add an outlet and plug in the Hub. The low-voltage cable feeds to a control panel/motherboard in the basement, powered by the transformer in the picture, attached to the pictured motherboard. The Google Home Hub online specs say it's 16.5V, 2A, but transformer it came with says output is 14V 1.1A. So, my question is whether or not it's possible for the existing infrastructure with low-voltage cable to power the Hub. I'd have a pro come in a do it if there's a way to make it happen. Thanks in advance.

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Reusing the wiring in the wall is a possibility for the low voltage supply to your new Google Hub. You will need to replace the power supply as I bet the Google doesn't like 24 VAC. The cable that will be important is the one carrying the power. Look at it and see if it states a wire size then estimate the wire distance to the power supply. You can then look up the wire size for the load you're putting on it to make sure the voltage drop is acceptable.
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Thanks for the response, that's helpful.
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In case someone finds this...

This did work.
I bought a new power (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/...?ie=UTF8&psc=1) so I didn't risk ruining the OEM with the next step. Then just cut the power supply and spliced the ends to the low voltage cable. It's working fine.
Thanks again

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Great job. Thanks for sharing with us.

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