Relocate internet jack


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Relocate internet jack

The internet jack in my new house currently sits above a mantle/fireplace. Presumably it was there because last owner had a TV there but I'd rather just have artwork there and all the internet boxes (modem, router, etc) don't fit there with artwork - see photo.

When the cable / internet company hooked me up they said that they could not move it, it was a job for an electrician. I'm wondering can I move it myself and with what difficulty? If I hire someone does it need to be an electrician? Any other solutions to moving it that I might not have thought of?

Many thanks!

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Anyone can move the internet jack.
The AC receptacle in most places can be moved by the home owner. If you want to hire someone that would be an electrician.
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You have a cable modem there connected to a wireless router. You can move that to anyplace you have cable. No need to run network lines unless you need a hardwired data line out of the router.
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Where does the network jack connect to? Easiest solution might just be to abandon that jack and move all the equipment to the other end (in the basement?)

Where do you want to move the jack? It may be easier to just run a new cable and put a new jack where you need it.
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That white cable looks familiar, do you have Time Warner or Spectrum? That's simply a coaxial output from your wall. Since the internet installer insist you put your modem & router there, I take it you only have 1 cable line in the house? Usually the cable line from the company comes into the house from the street, but then it's connected to a 4-way splitter, then the four lines go into separate rooms/locations in the home. That way, you're not constrained to just one location, you can put your modem and router in any of the 4 locations.

I can't imagine the cable line you have at the mantle is the one from the street. You should find where the cable comes in from the street. A lot of times, it goes to the garage where you can access it. I'd be curious to know if you had a lazy installer, or if that mantle location is truly the cable line from the street. Because if cable comes into your house in another location, then most likely there is a splitter, and then from that splitter, there is a cable line that goes to your mantle. But if there was a splitter in place, then the installer should have informed you that you can put your modem anywhere you want, you just have to run a cable line from the splitter to your desired location. But if you were not told about this, then I'm curious if he just didn't feel like installing new lines for you. This work doesn't even require turning off the electricity, it's not necessarily an electrician's job, it's his job. "Cable" installers, it's their job title. LOL!

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