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Libre Spreadsheet

My poor little pooch has diabetes and the vet wants me to keep track of food and water so I made this...

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I want to keep line 1 and the spacing but my brain is stuck. I did manage to figure out how to select what I want to print (she was impressed) but this goes right over my head.

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I don't get what your question is?
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Are you saying you want to freeze line 1 so it always appears at the top of the display?
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This is from Open Office Calc, but they are closely related.

Go here
Name:  OOCalc.png
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and with your cursor, grab the dark line and drag it to just below Line 1.

Name:  OOCalc2.png
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will become this,
Name:  OOCalc3.png
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and your heading will always be at the top of the screen,
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Repeat rows on printed document

If you want row 1 to appear on top of each printed page here's how:

After you define the print area you select Format > Print Ranges> Edit
Then enter a 1 in the blank space after Rows to Repeat.
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Okay, I'll give those a try.


Nothing to it. I've tried the help page but sometimes it just doesn't make sense to me.

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