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Well once again I have managed to totally outdo myself with this outprice paper weight.......
I managed to delete(not really deleted they are still in 'c' drive ) my profile settings instead of son's so that now I have no control panel. I made a few calls and have now wiped off all passwords but I still have not gotten true use back. I still can not pull up control panel. Oh yeh I also did a reinstall of Win98 but that did not help ...... Confused yet.. okay so here is the ???
Can I somehow take my profile settings file and reset them?
I can see the file and actually went in there to find this site again.... under favorites.... and all my desktop icons are there etc. The file is about 15mb so I assume all my settings and configs are still intact.

thanks bundles
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Why not just back up/move whatever personal files you need to and create a new user profile, then delete the old one.

I am assuming you have a control panel with your son's profile ??

It would appear that what you meant by re-installing win 98, is you installed over top of the existing win 98, and not a format and clean install.

This reminds me of a friend of mine that every so often he gets the urge to delete uneeded materal from the harddrive, even though he has a large drive with lots of free space, the problem is that he certainly cleans/deletes much more than is needed and ends up with something usefull gone.

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I fouled up in a similar way some time back and lost some of my wifes chat stuff:-[ in her profile and rather than risk further loss did a registry restore to a date in the past. This was easy, fast and bailed me out! Lost a couple of Favorites that had been set the day or so before but that was all. If this is an option for you restart in MS-DOS. At the C:\Windows prompt type CD.. and press enter. At the C:\> prompt type scanreg/restore You will have four choices of dates to restore to and exit....Mike
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well to make a short story long........
got it back working after a remembering I had the old 6.2 HD sitting around. Was able to get most all back due to it was only a few weeks ago ( well maybe a month or 2 now?)
gonna hafta remember that reg recovery though. is that a ME sorta thing now?

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