I need a windows 7 installation disc....


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I need a windows 7 installation disc....

Hello forum! I am looking for advice from people who may be used to this... I have what you an call a "workshop computer", an old HP laptop that needs a new life. I bought it for next nothing because I normally run mac nowadays but you need a PC for some niche stuff. Bluetooth was weird on it and my OBD2 reader for my car wouldn't connect and after days of trials and tribulations and downloads I decided to reset it to factory settings as a last attempt to make it normal and after that it won't boot, something got messed up. So I need to download windows 7 preferrably since that was what it ran but I have no windows disc or key or anything, what do you do? I am suspicious of windows installs from like, pirate bay, I feel they might be riddled with viruses and stuff. Tips, recommendations? I don't need to recover any data because I had nothing important on it. It would just not work after the reset.
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Windows images are available from Microsoft directly. However you need a valid key to match the version of windows.

If you don't have a key the only valid option for you is to purchase windows.
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Most computers have a "diagnostics partition" with the initial setup, you want to trigger that. Try turning the computer all the way off, unplug, wait 10 seconds, replug and restart. It may take a few times to read the information that flashes past (take video with a cell phone ).
Look for a prompt to start "diagnostics" to hit a key, usually ESQ or F2, F10 or F12.

Try the diagnostics, then see if it will boot.

First, get the windows key-

Look for a "windows key" sticker on the underside of the laptop. Some manufacturers got smart and put them inside the laptop battery compartment so they don't get scuffed up.

If you can't find it, find, download and install "magic jelly bean" or Belarc key extractor, which are programs which can pull the windows registration keys off of the hard drive.

If those fail, you can use a "Default key" for Windows 7 to at least get the system back up and running, but you'll get a nag screen about registering windows 7.

Final desperate option to get a valid key is to stop by the local computer recycling center, if you're lucky, somebody is junking a Windows 7 / Windows 8 machine and you can beg/borrow/buy their Windows 7 tag before it goes into the crusher.

Last possible solution is the Windows-10 free upgrade, which SHOULD work as long as it finds a Windows 7 key on the hard drive.

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I decided to reset it to factory settings as a last attempt to make it normal and after that it won't boot, something got messed up
What did you do to reset to factory settings?
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Get a Windows disk image here. This image DOES NOT need to be of the same license as your install (Home, Pro, etc) but downloading the one that matches now might be useful later.

EDIT: It does need to be the same version, i.e., Windows 7, just not Pro, Ultimate, etc.

Create a bootable thumb drive from the windows disk image using Rufus, available here. You will, of course, need a thumb drive large enough to contain the disk image you have downloaded.

Execute a boot repair from the bootable Windows thumb drive.

If it boots but you still need to reinstall Windows, run Magic Jelly Bean keyfinder (available here) to get the original product key code.

To reinstall using the original key code, you will have to use a disk image matching the original license (Home, Pro, etc). To find which version of Win7 you have installed, go to Control Panel> System

...or from command line enter "slmgr.vbs /dli".

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