Slow upload speed & inconsistent connections


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Slow upload speed & inconsistent connections

I have Optimum 100MBS internet and voice. I recently replaced their sagemcom modem with my own sagemcom modem, and also bought my own router (Netgear AC1750 Dual Band). shows 100mbs download and .87 upload speed. my phone shows over 100 download and 40 upload. some laptops can only connect to the 5g, while others can only connect to the 2.4g
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Does anyone know why upload speed would be so slow (under 1 MBS) while download is at maximum speed for service plan (100MBS)? I can't imagine upgrading to 200 or more MBS would correct this. Can it be the wifi card in laptop?

Just ran speedtest on 2 other laptops. for some reason these 2 (Dell laptops) can only connect to the 2.4Ghz band, but download speed is 45 on 1 and 54 on the other, and upload speed is about 36 on both.

3rd laptop can only connect to 5Ghz (doesn't even see the 2.4Ghz connection) and is showing download speed of 116MBS and upload of only .90. doesn't make sense.

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hi d-

Here is a good description of how that test works.

Its hard to understand (for me anyway) what parameter setting(s) somewhere in your equipment would affect just the upload speed on just one laptop. But, as you say, it is happening.

I think you might be able to make some progress if you were to:

(1) Connect hard-wired from the laptop to your router and run all three speed tests again. Thus just temporarily taking WiFi out of the picture.

(2) Take the router out of the picture. Disconnect the router from your modem and connect each laptop directly to your modem and run the speed test. Do that for all three laptops.

Its possible that might shed some light on the problem.

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