How To Get Rid of All These Wires!


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Question How To Get Rid of All These Wires!

I have a laptop. I have a printer, external hard drive, router, DVD burner, speakers and modem hooked up to a hub as I don't have enough USB ports on the laptop. .
I have them all plugged into a surge protector.

How can I get away from all these wires?
I heard there are modem/router combo's now but have researched them yet.
Thanks in advance!
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Check with your service provider. They probably have a wireless router modem available.
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Unfortunately you need wires to make them hum. I am a proponent of separate devices like you have. If one goes out, needs upgrading etc, you don't lose the whole setup. Use some zip ties or something to tidy it up. Wireless is not as fast or secure.
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Thank you...that's kinda what I thought.
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Some WiFi routers have USB ports on them. Plugging a USB hard drive (or even a thumb drive) transforms them into network attached storage (NAS). Some WiFi routers also can serve as a WiFi host for printers that are not WiFi-enabled.

What my ISP wanted to charge for a WiFi-capable modem was more than I wanted to pay so I bought my own WiFi router, which is the only device on my home network that communicates directly with the modem. And that router hosts two USB hard drives (NASs) and the printer on an old WinXP PC. And this is not some extraordinary, hi-dollar router, just a typical one for what is available now.

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