Computer Second Monitor Output to HDMI


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Computer Second Monitor Output to HDMI

I have a PC with Windows 10 with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti video card and my monitor is connected using the VGA port. I have a pair of FPV (first person video) goggles (Fat Shark HDO goggles) I want to connect using the HDMI port. When I plug in my goggles using the HDMI they display only the computer's background screen image. No screen icons, mouse pointer, menu's, windows or programs appear in my goggles.

Everything I have read says plug in the device and Windows will recognize it and ask you how to set up the second monitor. While my goggles can display the image from the computer I don't think it is truly a digital HDMI device so Windows doesn't see it. Is there a way to manually force Windows or the video card to mirror the all of the video output into the HDMI?
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Try pressing the Windows (The keyboard key with the Windows Symbol) key + P and select duplicate or whichever option suits your needs
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Sounds like computer treats the goggles as an "extended desktop" (larger desktop that logically extends the right margin of the main screen onto the next screen).
Try flipping the active window between the monitor and goggles by hitting
Shift +Win+left/right


possible that the computer treats the goggles as a 2nd desktop (Task-View allows you to create multiple stacked desktops, like tabs in a browser), try flipping between desktops by hitting

Next, right-click an area of background screen, select "Display Settings",
that should you how the 2 screens are configured.
YOU DRAG those screen icons around to logically set up how you want your monitors:
Either by side by side, or one-above the other. You can ALSO separate them just a bit to keep the cursor from wandering from one screen to another.

Finally, right click the taskbar, Task-bar-settings, Multiple-displays, select "Show-taskbar-on-all-displays". That SHOULD add the taskbar menu to the bottom of the goggles when they are active.
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Thank you for the suggestions. I'll give them a try when I get home tonight and can play with my toys.

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