cable modem speed fast but computer SLOW


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I've recently hooked a cable modem and to make a long story short. There is 900K + coming out of the modem to the cable tech's laptop. When he hooked up to my computer we're only getting 345K.
I've got an AMD-6K chip I think is compariable to a pentium III (not sure) also have 96 meg of RAM and plenty of hard drive space. Is there way to check my system and to get to run at the 900+ K that is coming out of the modem.

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That is still a lot faster than you could ever achieve with dial-up, but is a big difference in speed achieved between the 2 computers.

1. If any cable has been changed connecting to the modem , that could affect speed. To compare keep the modem hookup /wires/cable the same and only move the same network cable to the the next computer.

2. Different type of network card in each computer ?

What have you got running when windows start up ? Is what automatily starts different than on the laptop ?

Have you tried download speeds, download something from a known good site, try with both computers, is the speed different ? You must try in the same time period, even with DSL or cable , speeds do fluctuate depending on internet demand.

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received email as follows.....

This is the message:

I think I've determined that the settings for
TCP, Time Stamping, Path MTU discovery,MaxMTU etc.
need to be changed but I know what these are or how to change them. Can you help?


There is a trial version on here , set to lan it should set your mtu setting.

I beleive for a lan /cable MTU is 1500 and for dial up is 576.

Let me know if this helps , if not I will look further.
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Cool Buss speed

The Buss speed of the mother board will effect cable modem speed. I personal great differences between a 66 Mhz board and a 100 plus Mhz board...
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Re: Buss speed

Yes that is another point, Even though my motherboard supports 100 mhz bus, I have it set for 66 because of the cpu I have in it, so I am not sure how much of a speed gain you get thru a higher bus speed.

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