''My location'' has wrong location on internet websites


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''My location'' has wrong location on internet websites


I can't figure out why on any website that can locate you to show closest shops have the wrong city for where I am actually located.

Any help?

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You get your service from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which looks to be ebox.net of Quebec. They own a block of IP addresses and assign you one when you come online. They are usually assigned close to your location but they don't have locations in every town/providence. Therefore your assigned address is as close to you as possible.

You really should be thankful as you don't want your exact town to be a posted for your security.

Usually those sites allow you to put in a zip or postal code for accurate location.
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Well thank you very much sir!

Much appreciated!
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The company I work for is based hundreds of miles away - any time I look up something at work, it assumes that's where I am. You get used to it.
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At home my location is always wrong, sometimes by thousands of miles. I have satellite internet so I transmit up to the satellite then it broadcasts down to one of many ground stations across the country depending on traffic volume. Occasionally my location will appear as somewhere in my state but it's also just as likely to be hundreds of miles away and sometimes time zones away.
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Maybe the web site also

Sometimes this info is held by the web site also. For example, first time I went to home depot site was for my father in law, who lived near Providence RI. I'm in Hartford Ct. Every time I go to home depot site, it comes up with 'my store' in Providence! A real pain if I don't notice it and shop etc. Everything is Providence oriented.
I have even gone to their 'find other stores' then 'make this your store'. NG. So it could be an individual site too.
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pnovak, if you clear your cache and cookies that might not be a problem any longer.

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