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Check this out guys.
http://www-ccs.cs.umass.edu/~shri/ipic.html You may or may not have heard of this little jem! I haven't had the time to try it but if one of you guys do let me know how it goes. Thanks Mike.

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These are getting smaller and smaller. I remember a phrase out the movie Apollo 13, with the actor playing "Jim Lovell" mentions "anything is possible, like a computer that will fit inside a single room and will hold millions a bits of information" well that was back in the late 60's , early 70's. , and look at computers today.

I have heard that it is being predicted that the computer industry under its present technology and design will peak in around 10 to 15 years in which they will max out to the fastest /smallest that they can go. Well wait and see, perhaps a new tehnology or way of doing things will be developed to break that barrier.


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