how to move laptop content


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how to move laptop content

my 2 year old grandson yanked the charging wire on my laptop. now it won't charge. tried different charging cords that I know work and is not the problem. the battery still has about 50 percent charge. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to move the content of the documents, programs, etc. from one laptop to another. I have a thumb drive to use for documents and the like, but thought there might be a way to save everything. thanks

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So files, pictures, document can be put onto some type of floppy/thumb/external drive to store and move.

Programs cant be moved, they would need to be re-loaded/reinstalled on the new computer!
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What's the difference between what you think you can get on the thumb drive and 'everything?'

Another option would be to remove the drive and install it in another machine (may not work as a boot drive but you would be able to access all of the items stored on it).
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How to back up or transfer your data on a Windows-based computer (WinXP thru Win7)

... or ...

How to Use All of Windows 10ís Backup and Recovery Tools

If it were me (and I couldn't repair the charging plug) I'd remove the hard drive from the current laptop and install it in an external USB enclosure, transforming it into an external USB hard drive. Then you could transfer your files and settings at your leisure after you get the new laptop. Hard drives usually are one of the more accessible components in a laptop, probably will only take the removal of 2-4 small philips head screws and jimmying out the hard drive.

Right now you can get a Vantec USB 3.0 2.5" HDD External Enclosure off eBay for $10. Most laptops have a 2.5" hard drive but some extra-compact models have a 1.8" hdd. A 1.8" HDD will fit into a 2.5" enclosure with a little shimming.

You probably can get a similar enclosure (and get it faster) from a local store but I don't know about the quality or the price. I have a long history with Vantec enclosures and recently bought the NexStar 2.5" USB3 enclosure off Amazon for $16 before I noticed it was only $10 on eBay.

And once you've transferred your files you'll still have a handy external hard drive to keep back-ups on, so you never have to face this dilemma again. Everybody needs backups because magnetic data that only exists in one place is only a sneeze away from not existing.
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it turns out that when I took the computer apart to remove the hard drive I found the piece that was bad was just a plug in port that plugs into the motherboard and was not soldered. I ordered one online. Now the trick is to see if I can reassemble it correctly , thanks for the help.


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