Powerline Adapters


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Powerline Adapters

A month ago, I began using a Netgear Powerline 1200. It was so my wife could try and get a decent wi-fi signal on her pc. Her pc is in our bedroom on the other side of the house, which isn't really that far, but the gateway is in the living room and there is a cinder block wall and a couple of more rooms between here and there. I bought the Powerline 1200 cause it seems to be the best way to help her. And it seems to be doing its job. Now, there seems to be a problem and I'm just not sure if the Netgear device is part of it. Our tv/internet provider is Comcast. MY son, who pays for all that for living here, got a warning from Comcast that we are near going over our data and that we may have to use one of their complimentary overage deals. They say we have 1250 gb's of data monthly and we have used 1000 this month. My son says, says last month(April), we only used around 300 gb.
My question is, does that Powerline 1200 use data to provide a better signal for my wife's pc? If so, just how much does it use? Or maybe there's something else using data. The only device added was the Netgear one. The other devices are, two more pc's, a couple of video games, a couple of Roku streamers, cell phones 2-3 of them on occasion. Or maybe someone has tapped into our network and is using our data. Anybody have any ideas? And please, use laymen terms. I'm too old to try and figure out what a lot of tech jargon means. Thanks.
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The first thing I would do is change your network password.
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I use those adapters all the time.
They are a direct mirror of your computer usage and don't add anything additional to your data used.

They say we have 1250 gb's of data monthly and we have used 1000 this month. My son says, says last month(April), we only used around 300 gb.
This month is just about over so no real need to expand the account. A jump from 300gb to 1000gb is pretty large.

I have FiOS and I don't think they tell me my monthly usage.
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I agree with changing your wifi and powerline passwords and make sure your wifi is set up as an encrypted/secure network. Make sure someone isn't using your network and your bandwidth.

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