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Hi...I want to use my CD writer for backing up my files. When I put in a blank CDRW right out of the box, I get an error message from Microsoft Backup saying the disc is write-protected. I remember having to format floppies out of the box, but didn't think you had to with CDs. In any case, I can't find a way to format CDs and Microsoft Help is no Help at all. Follow up question: I will be backing up more than 650 MB; will Microsoft Backup prompt me to insert a second CD when the first becomes full (and continue writing to the second without re-starting the entire process), or do I need to select less than 650 MB each time I back up? Thanks!
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Yes, CD-RW disks need to be formatted similar to a floppy (and it takes a lot longer). On the disk that came with the CD-RW, along with the drivers and other software should be a format utility. It should have been installed with the rest of the software.
You will have to select only as much as a disk can handle. It should tell you when you select the files to be backed up, whether they'll fit on the target disk.

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For what the poster is proposing, yes you need Direct CD installed (or similiar program) and the the cd formatted.

However not everyone uses direct cd, I being one of them, and do not have any need for fromatting and just do straight burns with easy cd creator ver 4.
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I must say that I have NEVER had to format a CDRW .......ever.

and I've never had any good results using Direct CD.....

I burn lots of CDs and have been for a lonnnnnnnnnnnng time.
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Also, correct me if I am wrong, doesn't the cd-rw (these are the re-rewritable ones?) only allow 2 full burns per disk (not 2 files or folders) and then can only be used in the drive that burned it?
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A rewritable cd can be read by any cd rom of the 24x or greater variety, under 24x , it may or may not read it.

A regular burn cd may have problems being read under 12x, although I have read them on some 4x.

There is a limit on how many times a rewritable can be used, and I am not sure what that number is a the moment, but it should be a lot more than 2, I don't have the exact figure. My burner is not of the rewritable variety, just regular burn, so I haven't used one a lot, and in no rush to get a rewritable cd rom.

Audio cd's must be burned onto a regular blank cd, not a rewritable as a rewritable will not play on a regular consumer cd player.

I only back up orginal install files, and personal data files. Some people like to be able to back up the system and all, less time consuming in a reinstall. To me I lose some of my time, but I don't see the necessity of backing up everything, just have the install files, and personal data/files.

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A friend of mine has a dental clinic and uses CD-RW to backup on a daily basis on an automatic system and has noticed that sometime after three months the CD fails to take all the data saying it is full. So at least in his rig he gets around 90 burns......Mike

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