Inside a trackball mouse question...

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Inside a trackball mouse question...

The back button of my trackball mouse wasn't working, so I took it apart to see and clean the inside. I compared it to a same model working mouse and I see that it's missing a silver thing on top of the brass button. In circuit board lingo, what is this silver thing called? Without knowing the proper lingo, I would describe it as some sort of spacer so the clicker can make contact with the button. How was it applied at the manufacture? Simply glued on top of the brass button, or soldered? If glued, can I just glue anything on top to give it that spacer it needs to make contact?

BTW, the working mouse that I was messing around with is now no longer working. LOL! I suspect I touched something that I shouldn't have touched. Can anybody tell me some of the NO NO's in terms of handling a circuit board? It no longer powers on. So in trying to figure out what was wrong with the mouse with the bad back button, I managed to mess up the 100% good mouse. LOL!

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It looks like a switch. That's what encodes your button presses and probably provides some of the tactile feedback (the click).

Try whatever you want to get it working. You won't find that little piece in any store and mice/track balls are cheap so try some different materials and see if you can get it to work. I would put the battery in and manually depress the switches to see if you can get it to work. If you can't then it may be a bad switch in which case it's a good time to shop for a new one.

The first no-no with something like that is to not take apart a working device unless you know what you are doing. I spent many years designing and installing assembly lines for products like that. Special tools and fixtures are used to allow them to be assembled. This is all done to minimize the cost of the product and usually no thought is given to ever opening or repairing the device. So, there are sometimes spacers, springs and other little bits that will easily fall out of place and get lost when you open the case.
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Yup.... a tactile switch. I have bins of them. There are hundreds of styles and sizes. In order to replace that you'd need to be good with a soldering iron as that is a surface mount component. I buy them in bulk and they are pennies. The trick is to find the right size. In the link below is an interesting kit I ran across.

Tactile switch grab bag kit

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