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I just had my computer cleaned & everything was taken off but windows. I had to re-install word 2000 & download MSN explorer. My computer freezes and clicks. I have already run "repair Internrt Explorer" was better for a few minutes but is freezing again & clicking. I have been told my Hard Drive may be going bad. What do you think. I am novice at this.
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glory, I think the first thing you should do if you havn't is run a Thorough Scandisk with the settings below.
Open Scandisk, click Advanced...put check marks in the following: Notify you only if errors are found, replace log, delete cross linked files, free file fragments, and check for invalid names, dates, and times...Leave HOST checked.

Now run it (after closing all running programs including choosing none for a screensaver) in Thorough mode with 'autofix errors' checked.
This should let you know if anything obvious is going on but from experience a drive can still be bad and have a good Scandisk.
Any bad clusters you will be told about when the program is finished, but it will move the data from those areas to safer ones on the drive and will then mark the clusters/sectors as bad so no more data gets written to it. If more than a couple of sectors are found, back up your info as quickly as possible and think seriously about replacing the drive.....This is from my friend Toni H. who taught me how to run a real scandisk today.....Mike
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Cool Reinstall

And then to be sure after you do what Mike says, format the drive and start over again. I have seen Windoze installed on a single machine 5 plus times and never be the same twice. You just may have got a bad install. Most of the time the OS goes on easy but there are those quirky few...
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Cleaned? HD or case? taken to a shop and all dust cleaned out of every nook and cranny? Or system was acting up and you deleted every program except for win98?

If you did take t a shop do you know the make and model of your HD? I have replaced dozens of 2Gb maxtors and WD's that did the same thing. Does it ever fail to boot up? Is your HD getting hot?


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