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My Windows98 system info tool is showing my system is using vfat. What is it and how do I change it back to normal system?
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rls, Here is what I have on VFAT- Virtual File Allocation Table.
Microsoft much improved the code in Windows 95 and 98, and it actually works reliably. It provides fast access to files. It improves multitasking by reducing the amount of time that it blocks other tasks. It is compatible with existing DOS partitions - the original FAT -
on your disks as well as FAT-32 partitions. Because your processor doesn't have to switch to real-mode to read and write to the disk, everything gets faster.

In addition to providing 32-bit hard disk access, Windows 95 and 98 use VFAT to implement long filenames.

I don't know offhand if you can disable VFAT(I'm sure theres a way) but it might be something you don't want to do....Mike

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