defragmenting problem


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whenever itry to defrgmenting the hard drive it never always show 1%-3$ complete then goes back to 0%and also when i want to the details,the big box looks empty as if nothing is happening.please help.thanks
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Try defragmenting from safe mode. Less stuff will be running in the backround, making defrag work faster.
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Ahlecks...defrag works more efficiently if you first close all unnecessary programs before cranking it up. Hit the ALT-CTRL-DELETE buttons simultaneously, then close all programs listed in the window except explorer and systray. Also, deactivate your screensaver by right-clicking on your desktop, selecting 'properties', then the 'screen saver' tab...scroll up to the first listing, which says (none), and select that. Defrag should run smoothly (and don't forget to run scandisk as well under these same conditions). Hope this helps. Jon
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Try setting up the maintenance Wizard. I have seen it run when just selecting the defrag program wont or hangs. More than likely your screen saver, power saver or anti virus programming is causing the defrag to restart.
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Have only seen scan disk do this, but you can also try another (non-ms defrag) program to do your defragging, such as O&O defrag, just go to tucows or and enter defrag, or defragment or fragment (cant remember which works best)O&O is pretty good and does a better job then MS. Perfect disk does a better job then most of the defrags out there, but its only a demo DL.


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