wireless internet extension


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wireless internet extension

how far will the wireless signal reach
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Your question is too vague. It really depends.
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As mentioned you need to provide details. A wifi signal should cover the area of an average home easily now but other factors can affect it. My stucco walls block the signal so my coverage is great inside my home but outside the signal is terrible because the wire mesh in the walls mess up the signal. You can always try to boost the signal
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In general terms a WiFi signal operating in the 2.4 Ghz range should reach about 150 feet indoors. Outdoors about 300 feet. But as mentioned above a many things could affect it. Walls, and how they're made and other metal things in a structure. My garage doors severely affect the signal for a cam just on outside. If garage doors open, signal is strong, but closed almost non-existent. I bought a cheap ($35) WiFi extender and it solved my problem. But each situation is different.
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2.4GHz will usually cover average house assuming the router or AP is in the middle of the house. 5.4GHz band will have very hard time going through the wall. Especially concrete walls. I find 3 drywall wall is pretty much the maximum. You will still ok signal after that, but the speed will be about the same or below of 2.4GHz band, making it meaning less.

Actual coverage depends on your router or AP, what is in your wall, nearby appliances etc..
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"Actual coverage depends on your router or AP, what is in your wall, nearby appliances etc..

This, cheaper units aren't going to have the coverage that a higher end/commercial model will.

I'm a fan of Ubiquiti, but they are about $140
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how far will the wireless signal reach
You can extend WiFi signal range by turning of "compatibility" mode (802.11 b, g, n) on most routers.
Compatibility-mode means the router spends time supporting 11-meg Wifi (B) and 54-meg (G) and 150-meg (N).
Helps to think of this in terms of as miles per hour on a single lane, one-way road.
Slowing down to accommodate a bicycle doing 11 mph, although there's 54 mph VW Bug behind, and a 150 mph Bugatti Velron behind the Bug.

Simplest way to extend WiFi is to grab a $5 thrift shop router, (Westell 529, Actiontec MI424 or various Linksys models) and configure it as an access point. You'll want to run ethernet cable OR invest in $25 ethernet over powerline adapters to send the WiFi signal to the access point.

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