Old computers and Windows 10- worth it?


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Old computers and Windows 10- worth it?

There are LOTS of threads about "should I update to... XYZ operating system"...

So, after upgrading and updating quite a few old computers, I have concluded that it IS generally worth upGRADING most old XP/95/7 computers and then upDATING them to Windows 10.

The BIG advantage I found is that Windows 10 is a much "lighter" OS.
One real advantage is that many popular web programs are available as "apps".
While APPS they ARE a pain because you have to deal with MS Store; they tend to run MUCH FASTER, and with MUCH LESS memory.

My benchmark is a 13 year old XP computer (OEM was 512mb RAM, Pentium4, 80 GB drive ) and after ~$50 of upgrades, and Win10 update, it will actually run HD youtube videos in full screen. Something it couldn't do under any other OS.

Admittedly, this pushes the (updated) CPU to running at 90-99% the entire time, but, hey, it works. And it's not like the computer has something ELSE to do...

So, I'm curious if anybody with 5-10 year old computers have noticed a similar benefit from using Win-10 applications?
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Yeah, one of the big points pushed by Microsoft when 10 was released was that it would require fewer resources than just about anything in the recent past so even back to XP it was thought that the upgrade would be an ok idea since the hardware would be sufficient. I'm a little afraid of what's next with the significant effort they have put into making us all go to 10 - the resources (as mentioned here), the 'upgrade' process still being free years after it was supposed to expire, ....
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My opinion...If you're a computer enthusiast sure why not upgrade and waste lots of time with old tech.
But new computers are relatively cheap and are made to run the new OS's. I use to build computers. But now I could not envision myself fooling with it.

edit...however I do have several old laptops that I plan on wasting lots of time installing one of the many non-windows OS's. Someday.
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Some older computers will not run Windows 10 or maybe they will with some pieces of third party software or with some guru tweaks that i personally would not want to do trial and error on.

At least try to get it to run for a week without the internet and without having to activate the Windows 10 with Microsoft. This way if it does not work you can transfer the Windows 10 to a different computer.

With less than 3 gigabytes of RAM Win 10 is likely to have slowdowns. Some older machines run Win 7 perfectly well but cannot accept more than 2 GB of RAM memory. Also, regardless of memory beware of some apps including Firefox that surreptitiously commandeer more and more RAM causing the computer to get slower and slower. (You can exit, wait 2 minutes, and re-enter those apps anytime.)

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