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Latest on Memory standards

I am looking for a quick summary / primer on RAM modules.
Getting a new PC and for the last 15 yrs been owning only laptops and never really did any upgrades....before that I had put together many PCs and was "in-the-known".
Just need the following specific questions answered:
1. This is a bit more on the fundamental basic science - I noticed that most current PC have relatively low size memory modules (say 8 to 16 Gig)...way...way back unless you had 64Gigs - Windows would be trashing your hard drive like crazy.... Are the current OS and software so much better at memory utilization ? You can really do great with "only" 16Gig ?
2. What are the current standards and their compatibility...I am getting a PC based on Intel i7 9700 8-core with 12MB Cache....the unit will come with DDR4 2666MHz...I see the are many other DDR4 speeds - are they all cross-compatible and what's recommended ?

Thank you !
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Sounds decent actually.

A few minor details...
  1. Back then it was MB, not GB if i'm right about how long ago your talking, because 64GB is high end even now.
  2. I have 32GB at that speed with an I-7 7700K and Windows 7 can't handle over that (or 64GB) max, I can't recall exactly atm--but 64 is more than enough, even 32 is more than most shelf bought PC's will have for awhile..they just started hitting 16GB for Windows 10.
  3. Make sure your MOBO (Motherboard) supports the memory brand and speed (some are extremely picky, you need to check the manufacturer site for that--and its a pain) AND the size, alot of the common MOBO models to date can only use up to 64 / 128 GB max in four slots.
  4. DIMM (mem sticks) are still practically invincible, buy the biggest (per stick) your MOBO supports, even if you only get 2 (always get them in pairs), they'll last forever (RGB sticks may be an exception).
  5. Anything over 2666 needs to be Overclocked (XMP) regardless what other hardware you have and IMHO is not worth the minor speed boost doing it.
I suggest something like Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x16GB @ 2666 personally...from experience and because they are highly compatible with most boards,make sure you still check.

Hope that helps.
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There's a company called Crucial. In my book they are tops in the memory and storage field.
I've used them many times and they are extremely helpful.
They have a program that can scan your computer and recommend memory, storage and other devices.

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No issue with Crucial either, another good brand.
Just had a good run with Corsair (Memory) personally--I own one pair of the RGB @3000 which had a few issues with a weird noise but work fine, and those LPX I recommended which were fantastic. Makee sure you get something with heat spreaders if your aiming to do anything high end, regardless of brand.

EDIT: PCPartPicker.Com will show you most compatibility issues (its not perfect, but its damn good)
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8 GB RAM is fine for most people. I'm a little more heavy on use so I tend to try to get closer to 16 - the laptop I'm on right now has 12 GB and is using 7 GB to run two different applications plus 15 open browser windows. I have days where I go over 8 GB on this machine.

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