Phishing email question


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Phishing email question

Hi,I’ve received a few of these type of emails (see below). Name and links changed.

The “John Doe” is a valid friends name but the email in < > is not valid. Based on the invalid email address, the phrase “Should have sent this . . .”, and a strange looking link I assume the email is phishing. My question is whether it's likely the email is the result of “John Doe”’s address book getting comprised and someone getting my email. Or would it be my address book that was compromised. Or, something else.

The emails looks like this:


Fwd: from John Doe

JD John Doe <somebogusname>

4/20/202 12:29 PM

To: you

On Monday, April 20, 202 10:20 AM, John Doe wrote:

Should have sent it to you sooner


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Either, or it could be a legit forwarded or returned email was scraped and the association was noted. So many ways to get this information.
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Could be either.
Best thing to do is phone up your friend, and then BOTH of you should update the passwords on your email.
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Typically, if your friend's account gets hacked, the emails will come from his actual address. In my case, this friend is named Tommy and it happens every year or two....

If in doubt, call the person or organization supposedly sending the email.
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While it could be a compromised account, emails like that can be spammed/phished in other ways too. Anyone can send an email "from" your email address pretty easily. There is probably leaked data out there from websites or facebook that show that you and your friend are friends. So it would be a pretty easy jump for someone to send an email to you "from" your friend's email address.

We see it all the time in our company email. Emails to our accounting department that are "from" the president of the company requesting a wire transfer to account xxx. Some of them are actually pretty convincing. Phishing has come a long way from those Nigerian inheritance scams.

Of course, it could be a hacked account too... but I'd doubt it since it's from a bogus address. If they actually had access to your friend's account, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference - since there is no difference. It's actually coming from his account.
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Check the VERY bottom (make sure not to click the link) with your mouse by attempting to select text you can't old trick for Mail Bombers and Scams was to use a mail server (not like gmail an such, the popular one was actually built into windows at the time lol) to send mail with ANY name you chose and use a white font on a white background, i'm not sure it's even possibly anymore with all the restrictions and me not being an idiot in my older days, but if there is hidden text there it will say something about the server it was sent from etc.

If there is ANYTHING there in white font, it's not safe. Normal mail servers remove that info or put it under a details link.
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If it is really an undeliverable email then the body or content or text should be visible right there in the message.

If you have to click something else to see the body of the email than chances are it is a brand new piece of spam rather than an undeliverable or forwarded genuine email.

Often spam is disguised as being from the mail daemon or the postmaster.

Better to abandon it and close the browser and then compose your own brand new email to send to that person if you recognize him. Or call him at your leisure on the phone.
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