W-10 deleted files


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W-10 deleted files

Windows deleted files. I had a folder on my PC with drawings of electrical layouts. Today all of the sudden it is gone. This Windows 10 is getting more annoying every day. I wish windows 7 was still supported.
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I hear you - in the last week, my screen saver won't stay enabled; I'm having to turn it back on multiple times a day.

I was a fan (and apparently the only one) of Windows 8 and 8.1 and, while I think they did a decent job of creating a UI that people familiar with both 7 and 8 could learn easily, I have never been a fan of 10 for the control that was removed with it.
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Did you search the entire drive for the folder by name? Iíve already moved folders to other folders by accident. I donít know what bad habit I have and how I did it without knowing it Ė but Iíve done it quite a few times.
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It's amazing..... W-7 is no longer supported. They're still updating the Windows defender definitions.
Last week during the update they slipped MS Edge in for me. I slipped it right back out.
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I did a search for the files and some of them would show in the search but if I tried to open them all I got was file explorer. They must have been in the index but gone from the drive. Lucky I have a copy on another PC.
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There are utilities that can "undelete" files - many of them freeware. If the file itself wasn't written over it is usually successful. Do a search on "best free undelete windows 10"
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You could also try uninstalling any recent updates.
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When you searched for the missing file by name & some showed up, were the ones that showed up all in the same location?
I understand you have another copy on another computer but if your quest is to find out where the files went & recover them, I'd start by looking at the files associated with the copy on the other computer, specifically the name of the ".exe" file & search for that, on this computer.
I suspect what happened was, since you searched for the file by name, you found some of the files associated with the complete file, while the rest are named in other ways.
In other words, when you searched by name, you found some files that included that name but not all the files associated with the complete file.
I'd be interested to know if all the files are in the same location now. Depending on what happened;
A) they are either in the same location,
B) they were scattered or,
C) some were deleted.

Another suggestion although not likely, check your "Recycle Bin". The file could be in there & it may have deleted some part of the file but windows retained some files.
If indeed it is in the recycle bin, just right click & hit restore.
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They are just gone. I have idea where. They are not in the recycle bin. They are not in quarantine from virus.
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