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My computer had to be cleaned therefore I had to re install everything. When I did WORKS that is when it started freezing. I have plenty of memory.HELP!
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1. Did you do a complete format and OS clean install?
2. Did you restore from a back up?
3. What operating system are you using?

When you do a clean install, its best to remove everything from your computer, leaving only your mouse, HD, keyboard and video installed/connected. After windows is completely installed, start installing your components one at a time, letting windows detect and install the drivers. Next start installing your programs, be sure to test out the program before going onto the next one. (if you use a virus program install it last). If you know how long it was before freezing you only need to test each program up to or just past that point.

Hm....just re-re-re-reread your post. Did "Works" work before? did you download any upgrades for works before you did the "clean"? Did you add anything new to the machine during the clean?

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write down names of your cd rom, sound card, video card, modem card. Have driver for modem on a floppy.

Do not re-install over existing system, do a clean install.

boot on start up boot floppy and ensure you have cd rom support.

Do an unconditional format.
format c:/u

reboot on start up boot floppy.
now install windows.

Check out the windows functions, install any drivers that windows did not find on its own.


install your software one at a time and reboot after each install.

install any antivirus software that you may have, keep antivirus disabled during any install or uninstall.
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Brian; Before I only had word 2000. The man I bought it from does the work. His word 2000 messed up so he instaled works word. It started freezing again. That was why I had taken it to him to begin with. Thought it might be the hard drive going bad so replaced it. Had also been clicking loudly. The clicking quit but freezing continued. /said it could only be the mother board and was going to put my old hard drive back and put in a new mother board no extra charge. I ask if maybe it was because the entire works suite wasn't there. He gave be the rest of the disks and I instaled them.
Still freezes? I have windows 98 plus
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Can't answer all questions. I will take this to the computer man I bought it from and post his answers later Thanks to both of you.
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That sounds like a good idea, however I have never seen MOBO problems effecting only one program. But then I have only been playing with computers since 1986, I still have 30+ years to go before I can consider myself "well-versed" in computers. Probably never will be, technology keeps changing to fast. (heheh) Do you know what MOBO you have? There are some "below par" boards out there that will make you want to pull your hair out. Amptron tops the top of my "Dont buy" list, unless you want to see the BOD more then the program you are running at the time.


p.s. for those of you who dont know.....BOD= Blue Screen of Death.

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